Summer Fundraiser, Criticized For Asking

Another $385 came in yesterday from nine people, bringing the total raised so far to $1,510 from 37 people. That leaves $2,490 from 63 people to go to reach the overall goals of $4,000 from 100 people somewhere around June 5, next Friday.

Thanks to all of you who’ve contributed so far.

I have two substantial concerns right now: 1) I fear the fundraiser won’t meet its goals or even come close and 2) I’ve been roundly attacked in a few comments (which I didn’t post) and a couple of emails in the last 24 hours for even asking for contributions to support the work I do here. Of course they were all anonymous! Apparently some folks have a weird beef with me (whatever, have a nice day) or somehow don’t get that sites like this one are rapidly becoming the new media in the US. To expect them to operate for free is sheer madness (I can assure readers that I do it for a significant discount). As it stands these days, there are plenty of political blogs that solicit their readers for contributions (or they have loads of ads or funding from a political group, neither an option for FS), so what I am doing with this fundraiser isn’t so unusual and is pretty tame by the standards of your local community radio station or political blogs. One political site,, used to send readers “Contribute or we go out of business” emails once a month. I try to limit my begging to once a quarter.

Anyway, it’s Fear #1 that I’m most concerned about at this point since this site is my only means of support currently (sadly, the freelance writing market has gone to hell over the last nine months or so). Newer readers probably don’t know this, but for the first two years of this site’s existence I subsidized things 100 percent out of my own pocket and only turned to readers for support in 2007 when several readers requested that I do so.

If you’d like to help ensure that my cats and I don’t end up on the street in the next week or so, please consider making a donation today.

As usual, the PayPal button is on the right. If you prefer snail mail, send me an email and I’ll send you a mailing address.

Thanks for your support.

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