Flower for Patients: Interview at Noon ET today on BlogTalkRadio (#hcflower)

Today (Tue Jan 26) at 12:00 noon Eastern Time, Gregg Masters (@2healthguru) will be interviewing Dirk Stanley, Tim Sturgill, and me about Flower on BlogTalkRadio.  Flower promulgates the message that we should control our health data and have universal standards for sharing it.

Here’s the blurb about it that Gregg wrote for the hour-long live show on BlogTalkRadio:

What is flower? At this time it’s an abstraction β€” a placeholder for several concepts centering on what would healthcare look like if….? And, more specifically what would personal health information (PHI) look like if….? A flower was chosen as the abstraction because it is easily and universally understood, regardless of language, anywhere in the world β€” a flower is a flower. Where a flower is flower carries the additional abstraction that there is a common ground β€” characterized by property and implementation. While a fluid and dynamic idea, this informed panel will provide both history and context for its genesis and diverse unfolding narrative. Join Dirk Stanley MD, @dirkstanley, http://twitter.com/dirkStanley, Tim Sturgil MD, @symtym, http://twitter.com/symtym, and Steven Daviss MD, @HITshrink, http://twitter.com/hitshrink, as we discuss Flower’s granularity and transformational potential to make sense of a complex and moving target: informatics, health care and the patient. For additional context and insights on ‘Speak Flower’ see: http://speakflower.org/, and the threaded discussion on Howard J Luks, MD, blog: http://hjluks.posterous.com/thinking-about-flower-a-concept-is-born-hcflo

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